About Us

B Line Schools, Incorporated is a San Diego based online education company that provides online courses, test preparation services, and products to students. Our students are looking to enter a new career, further knowledge in markets or industries they are currently employed in, or are preparing to take a test that will affect future employment or studies.

The Company’s Mission
Our goal is to provide our students with all of the necessary information, material, resources, and services necessary to help them achieve their desired results.

B Line Schools will present students with the most up to date, error free information possible, while doing so in a manner that is easy to use and service oriented.

We are committed to providing the necessary environment to foster the mutual respect, professionalism, and service that it takes to ensure complete customer, shareholder and stakeholder satisfaction.

Company Goals and Objectives
It is the goal of B Line Schools to become the premier online educational resource for test preparation services and certificate issuing classes. This means that we will provide all of our students in all classes that we offer with information such as: industry specific articles, blogs, study tips, test breakdowns, and advice from mentors.

Our corporate philosophy is that people are capable of learning from home. Our students have the drive and tech savvy to be able to not only learn in a virtual environment, but teach themselves in this virtual environment. They will be able to teach themselves through the material and structure that we provide for them. We want to be viewed as not only an E-Learning company, but as an industry resource. We want our customers to come back to the site even after their class is over to use the resources that we are going to provide to them.

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