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Our Technology:

Our FREE online SAT prep courses do not require any special software to download. All course material is web-based and requires only a regular web browser and a set of speakers or headphones.
Students get instant video and audio feedback after every question in our review segments helping to recognize and remedy errors quickly.


Features of our Course:

  • Engage your senses

    Instead of just reading test questions and taking a bunch of practice tests, our FREE SAT course show you the questions you miss and explain how to get the correct answer.

  • Learn from the nation’s top tutors

    We have assembled some of the nation’s top tutors to bring you the first Free Test Prep Course that is totally interactive. You will get feedback and tutorials throughout the course.

  • Avoid embarrassment

    Are you a little weak in a few areas? No one will know but you, so you can take your time and retake any sections or tests as necessary.

  • Master 1200+ vocabulary words

    Understanding words that are frequently tested is a key factor in scoring well on standardized tests. Practice for FREE with our vocabulary review tool.

  • Practice until you ace it

    However long that takes. Re-watch videos and go through timed practice tests as many times as you want until you get it right and understand the key concepts.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Our FREE Test Prep course lets you move at your own pace, whether you’re cramming over the weekend or starting a regular study habit months ahead of time.

  • Watch yourself improve

    With our built in tracking tools you will be amazed on how much your scores increase with a little practice.


    We are pretty sure you get it at this point…Our course is FREE! You pay NOTHING ever. Sound good? Then sign up for our free online SAT prep course now!

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